Eaglemart Club

is Hunger's defeat!

Eaglemart Club


finds it hard to accept the fact that people will be without the meals that we often take for granted. Over 46 million Americans need help daily.



Ending Hunger One Person, One Family, One Community, 

One World at a Time!


Eaglemart Club offers an opportunity for people to shop for their groceries, send care packages to others, donate to local organizations, contribute to our military troops, or aid businesses, clubs, religious groups, and organizations in their fundraising efforts.  We provide busy people the convenience of an online service so that they can decide when, where, and how they can provide for their family or help make sure no child or adult goes without the meal they need. Be a part of our vision of a world where hunger no longer exists.  You have the power to be that lifeline to someone! Together we can accomplish this goal of defeating Hunger one person, one family, one community, and one world at a time!